Third Session - 16 March 2022

Forest Protection: Mitigating Climate Change, Fostering Biodiversity & Delivering on the Green Deal

 The third session of the Bayer Life Talks took place on 16 March 2022. View the replay and event   information below, and keep an eye out here for details of future sessions.


Forests are critical to the functioning of our planet. They host 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity, regulate the water cycle, produce oxygen and act as carbon sinks, sucking carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Economically, hundreds of millions of people globally depend on forests for their livelihoods.

Although the rate of forest loss and degradation has slowed globally since 2000, according to the European Commission, annual tropical forests are disappearing at a rate of around 13 million hectares – approximately the size of Greece – while Europe’s forests are under increasing pressure despite steady gains during the last decade.

Over the last 5 years, EU policymakers have begun to look more closely at the vital role forests play in fighting against climate change, and relevant for the current global context, the extent to which the protection of forests lessens the risk of zoonotic diseases and global pandemics. 

In 2019, the Commission adopted a communication that looked at the protection and restoration of the world’s forests, and more recently in July 2021, it adopted its EU Forest Strategy for 2030, aimed at ensuring the future for Europe’s forests, an essential tool in the EU’s kit and anchored in the flagship European Green Deal. In November, the Commission adopted its proposal for a regulation on deforestation-free products, which was also presented to the European Parliament’s ENVI Committee.

Key Topics

How can the increasing European and global demand for food, feed, energy and timber be balanced against the need to protect forests?

Can science, technology and innovation provide some of the answers to tackling deforestation both in Europe and around the world?

What role should business play in influencing global supply chains and supporting sustainability?

Ultimately, what is at stake for Europe as we consider the role of forests and their interactions with our complex economic and environmental necessities?


15:00 – 15:10

Opening Remarks

15:10 – 16:15

Roundtable Discussion & Q&A


Event Close

Speakers included

Paul Adamson

Chairman, Forum Europe 

Stephan Schraff

Head, Public Affairs EU, Bayer AG

Patrick Child

Deputy Director-General, DG Environment, European Commission

Rod Taylor

Director, Forests, World Resources Institute

Yara de Geus

Farmer, Brazil

Dymphnus de Geus

Farmer, Brazil

Rodrigo Lima

Managing Partner, Agroicone

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